Saturday, June 15, 2019

Crescent Moon 6.14-7 [International Service] Two points no later (memory version)

Memory self-attack is still 2 F7 w2 T, W. J 
latest game version This version assists in removing a lot of titles or functions that will be chased. Other functions will be added slowly (confirm that no number is added, login window is not tested) , can not point.)

Hello Guys,
Retrix Here,


Hack Name:- Cresent Moon
Hack Language:- Chinese Simplified China
File Size:- 7MB

How to Use a HACK?


1. Turn off your virus and threat protection if any on! This includes your windows defender off too. (Ahh! don't worry it is not gonna harm your pc, my friend)
2.Go to Control Panel -> Region -> Administrative -> Change System Locale -> Select 'Chinese Simplified China'
3. Go to Time Zone and select Bangkok UTC +7: 30-time zone

Running Process:-

1. Right-click the hack and click on run as administrator.
2. Click On Inject ( Some times it may be in Chinese)

Don't worry if the hack is Chinese the translation will be available on Discord as well as here.

(If translation not available it will be updated soon)


Downloading The Hack:-

Important Drivers:-

Fix Directx-12 Error:-


Blue Screen Of Death Error Solve:-

1. Click Advanced Restart
2. Select Troubleshoot
3. Advanced Options
4. Advanced Startup Options
5. Restart
6. Press F7
7. DONE!


  1. does this work on latest pubg update ?

  2. Can anyone give me andriod antiban hack?

  3. please please Retrix make a video

  4. retrix have you use it before the upload.its a totally bull shit only a web promotion nothing else kindly try any hack at least 1 time before upload.